Not much surf around these parts this last week…thoughts of moving to Nica on my mind, thinking sometimes we just need to see the open doors and jump right in!

10 comments in “Nicaragua? 7·19·10”

  1. korkor says:

    love it! get down here!

  2. Surfbird says:

    Will be there sooner than later!

  3. Antuan says:

    Nice pic! Crazy right foot finger! Do you see?! lol

  4. Surfbird says:

    Good one Antuan, totally right, it’s kind of weird looking, huh?

  5. Moo says:


  6. andrei says:

    nice pic !! you lighten it up a little? cool that we can see you face and the sky is still mad blue !

  7. Surfbird says:

    Drei & Moo…04646 is calling!

  8. griff says:

    looks like a halo of the happy

  9. Surfbird says:

    HA…for sure!

  10. towing Chula Vista CA says:

    towing Chula Vista CA…

    Surfbird » Nicaragua? 7·19·10…

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