Not much surf around these parts this last week…thoughts of moving to Nica on my mind, thinking sometimes we just need to see the open doors and jump right in!

9 comments in “Nicaragua? 7·19·10”

  1. korkor says:

    love it! get down here!

  2. Surfbird says:

    Will be there sooner than later!

  3. Antuan says:

    Nice pic! Crazy right foot finger! Do you see?! lol

  4. Surfbird says:

    Good one Antuan, totally right, it’s kind of weird looking, huh?

  5. Moo says:


  6. andrei says:

    nice pic !! you lighten it up a little? cool that we can see you face and the sky is still mad blue !

  7. Surfbird says:

    Drei & Moo…04646 is calling!

  8. griff says:

    looks like a halo of the happy

  9. Surfbird says:

    HA…for sure!

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