goodbye figMoving out, moving up, and moving on…but where do we go? Liberia, West Africa or Liberia, Costa Rica or Nica or or or….

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  1. andrei says:

    on to the future !!! you have faith in the world and the world around you. hold on to that and everything else flows. as long as it keeps flowing and the faith is unfailing the future is nothing to worry about. (I’m having a moment here ~ studying for an exam of material I find difficult). we are blessed with so many options for our future and therefore the future of others are blessed. (that’s my faith also .. that my future in architecture holds good things for other people as well). hope you get a good wave. oh – after this test will send photos from the beach to you and Kori. back to the books for another day. peace out.

  2. EllEff says:

    I hear Liberia, DC, is nice…? Come check it out!

  3. thesurfbird says:

    Good word Drei…word LF

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