Could a mariner sit idle if he heard the drowning cry? Could a doctor sit in comfort and just let his patient die? Could a fireman keep on sleeping, let men burn and give no hand? We’ve got to fight injustice, make a difference, take a stand! How do we keep on smiling in light of our neighbors pain? We see the tired and the hungry, but their plight is just in vain. We’re called not to be idle, with eternity on the line? Yet all I see are the needy and those that aren’t don’t have the time. To help the orphans and the windows or the homeless and the sick! We’re to help the weary and the scared, and the lost and the proud. Wouldn’t you, just like the mariner, help the crying soul from drowning.

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  1. andrei says:

    well said and well drawn. this is again some next level drawing. i like molto molto. and yes it could be that a have an affinity to squares and watercolor paper.

  2. thesurfbird says:

    Thanks Drei thanks.

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