Spent the day in Ventucky and capped the night off with some new friends checking out The White Buffalo, and he rocked it! I can’t recommend The White Buffalo enough…seriously, give him a good listen and join me in wondering why someone with this much soul hasn’t yet blown up…man, good stuff.

6 comments in “The White Buffalo Rocks 11·22·10”

  1. e. says:

    I think I was living in a cave or something, as I just heard about the White Buffalo this month. Definitely digging the sound.

  2. thesurfbird says:

    Ha, yeah for sure.

  3. Nick says:

    I got to see him live in Paris, FR, back in 2005… it was amazing! Glad to see you got to experience him live as well!

  4. thesurfbird says:

    Nice…that must have been rad. Didn’t know he went international! Soooo Good!

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