Started the day with an early morning session down south smiling because it looks like it should get better as the week progresses. Yet I look back to this sunset last night and realize that we spend, I spend, too much time looking forward trying to figure out what the future holds, and in the process the todays of our life melt into the yesterdays of our story and the “now” morphs into the “then” and with it disappears another wasted opportunity to seize the day and actually walk the walk…but here I am again just talking the talk and repeating the sequence…what shall today hold?

4 comments in “3ft & Building 9·20·10”

  1. Da Leez says:

    well said brotha’

  2. Surfbird says:

    Gracias sista’

  3. Da Leez says:

    wanna chat wit ya about haiti some time soon.

  4. Surfbird says:

    I would love to share any and all info…give me a call when you’re up for it…310.525.4227

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