Life is so so precious…and so I write to all of you to let you know that famed surfboard shaper Al Merrick’s granddaughter, Daisy Merrick, is fighting for her life this morning…At 6 years old, she has been fighting cancer for the last 9 months, and though she was in remission, it is back on the attack. She needs your prayers this morning, keep her in your thoughts and just love on her from wherever you are.  If you shortboard you have probably at one time or another surfed an Al Merrick shape, or ridden a board that was influenced by his designs.  He is a part of your life’s story and you are part of his…It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, well you are part of His village and so I ask for you to do what you can to lift her up and help raise her out of these difficult times. Pray for her, keep her in your hearts and thoughts and, like these ladybugs, together we can have an impact.   Life is so so precious.

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  1. june says:

    I’m sending every good vibe I have and lots of healing energy in Daisy’s direction.

  2. Steve PP says:

    Life strength to you Daisy! from the atlantic shores of Devon , UK xx

  3. Surfbird says:

    Thanks June and Steve…keep sending the love her way!

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