train overexposed.jpgYou are stopped, at this very moment, at life’s crossroads: time to figure out how you want to live…really, truly live. The train of time is about to charge right by and it’s decision time! If you are like me, you probably think that you can put off that decision, let the train pass and cross these train tracks, since there will most likely be another set of tracks down the winding road…but what if this is it? What if today is your last day, these are your last tracks? This could be your last chance to jump onboard and charge towards eternity. I hope you’ll turn off your car and think about this for a moment longer before crossing the tracks. Seriously, stop what you are doing, look into the review mirror and decide if that is how you want to be remembered. Now look forward and live the way you know you should…stop meandering and get on that train! My grandfather once said that “We are not eternity conscious enough”…think about it.

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    Me too…

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