Peace Out 7·6·10

old ford truck.jpgFound a little surf these last few days, but we’ve had to travel far and wide just to find it. Ran into a friend that is separating from his wife because things just aren’t working out and I thought I would pepper this post with a little depth instead of staying in the shallows just talking about my not so epics last few sessions…”Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.” …be the peacemaker, humility is key. It is never our fault, pride is always there to rub our back and say “don’t worry about it, you are right” or “she is this or she is that or she just doesn’t get me” and so we blame the other person or….The grass is always greener and we think the next girl is going to understand us completely, when in fact we don’t want to open up our shells to let anyone in. Be the peacemaker, meet halfway, and if needed take another step or two towards humility and away from pride. Realize that we have the power to change…the problem is you and you must be willing to fix yourself if the machinery of marriage is to work…be the peacemaker.

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