Loggin 06·21·09

Ain’t summer Gr8? Packing my bags as we speak and flying south tonight to Honduras…stoked. There’s no internet where I am going and so I am given an opportunity to rethink how I do things…I started this site as a metaphorical branding iron–red hot, ready to poke me into action–so that I’d be motivated to shoot everyday. Well, if you have ever tried to do this, it is quite difficult but a fun exercise in discipline. I try, try, try to shoot everyday, and almost all of these shots are posted the same day that they were taken, but sometimes I don’t shoot, or maybe I have way too many fun or good shots I want to share from previous days, and then they take precedent and get posted…I guess it has turned into an exercise in complete objectivity and randomness…all of which luckily revolves around my surfing obsession. So anyways, today I fly south and have pre-posted an assortment of shots from past shoots to keep you entertained until my return…enjoy

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