Blink 06·10·09

I really like this shot of El’Marinero. It was shot in maine on a cold winter night, it’s about to snow and the raging Nor’Easter is bringing in some serious swell…its taken at the beach while checking the surf. I am posting this shot because El’M. just got back from sea today with only 9 fingers…that is pretty heavy stuff and its been weighing on my mind and heart since the phone call from the hospital. His index finger was ripped off at sea working on the engine of a huge tanker…it took 36 hours to get back to port and a hospital. The pain must have been excruciating only to be overtaken by the mental anguish. I do not know how we deal with such catastrophes- granted it could have been a whole lot worse, entire hands or arms could have gone missing, but that being said it is an incredibly sad and heart wrenching affair. Life is incredibly precious and delicate. We need to live every moment to the fullest and give thanks. I am sorry for your loss El’M.

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