J’y vais 04·26·09

So after a week of crazy surf (12 sessions in 4 days) I have returned to SB and somehow not surfed the last two days…am excited to bring that loosing streak to a close with tomorrow’s dawn patrol. On a side note, I think a friend may have just convinced me that there is absolutely zero reason why I shouldn’t move to southern France and live and work and surf in Bearritz. I’m a dual citizen (US and British) and thus can work in the EU without much hassle, and am fluent in french (it was my first language)…so I got a tattoo today to remind me that I just need to get up and go…well, ok, it’s not a real tattoo, just sharpie, and I most likely am not moving to southern france, though it would be dope, but it’s a possibility and possibilities make the world a more interesting place.

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